Executive Summary
The Rensselaer Plan 2024
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The goal of The Rensselaer Plan 2024 is to enable Rensselaer to have even greater success, and to continue to gain prominence in the 21st century as a top-tier world-class technological research university with global reach and global impact.

We are moving from transforming Rensselaer to Rensselaer being transformative—for our students, in our pedagogy, in the global impact of our research. As a multigenerational community of learners, engaged in deep discovery, discourse, and technological innovation, we will make a difference for the world. The fundamental markers of Excellence, Leadership, and Community will drive our actions.

We are guided by the following premises:

  • Education and research are inextricably linked in world-class universities.
  • Research potentiates education.
  • Research and education drive reputation.
  • Intellectual congruence leads to excellent education.
  • Addressing Global Challenges leads to transformational education.
  • Diversity and inclusion are essential to academic excellence and innovation.
  • Strategic focus is essential to achieving our goal.

As we advance The Rensselaer Plan to its next stage of development, we are building our strength, our impact, and our reputation on the principles upon which the university was established in 1824, and that have been reinforced by the success of The Plan. We are creating a Rensselaer that engenders in our students intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and a global view. We are creating a Rensselaer that enables our faculty to make world-changing scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and significant contributions to commerce, the arts and culture, and public policy. To those ends, we will:

  • Offer a complete student experience, highlighted by:
    Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students (CLASS)
  • Lead in pedagogical innovation, introducing new learning paradigms:
    Multiplayer and Mixed Reality Classroom
    Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Learning
    • Extend our impact on humanity through forward-looking research initiatives:
      Beyond the Internet: Digital Meets Reality Infrastructural Resilience, Sustainability, and Stewardship

      To realize this vision, a multifront, focused, and engaged community effort will be required to advance the Institute and to expand its resource base.

      In implementing the original Rensselaer Plan we were well served by making commitments to ourselves and our community—embodied in our “we will” statements. Under The Rensselaer Plan 2024, we have made 110 commitments.

      A Rensselaer education is rigorous, holistic, multifaceted, and supportive. A pedagogical approach that is multidisciplinary and that connects the classroom, design studio, or laboratory to the living environment of the students, cultivates robust and sustained learning.

      In Undergraduate Education, we will:

      Target an undergraduate student population of 5,000 students.
      Broaden curricular offerings.
      Launch new modalities of interactive learning.
      Develop an ever more engaging and transformative student experience, through CLASS.
      Create new opportunities for research and international experiences.
      Launch a research-focused Honors Program.

      In Graduate Education, we will:

      Target a resident graduate student population of 2,500, with 1,600 Ph.D. students.
      Extend CLASS to graduate students.
      Grow interdisciplinary, research-based graduate programs.
      Focus graduate education and research on Global Challenges.
      Develop advanced professional programs that leverage interdisciplinary research.
      Create new technology-enabled learning environments.

      In Research, we will:

      Build the tenured and tenure-track faculty size to 500.
      Grow sponsored research expenditures to $250 million annually.
      Launch two new research umbrellas:
           Beyond the Internet: Digital Meets Reality
      Infrastructural Resilience, Sustainability, and Stewardship
      Extend the Signature Thrusts to holistically address Global Challenges.
      Expand cross-sectorial research partnerships.

      In the Communities of Rensselaer, we will:

      Strengthen our ethnic, gender, intellectual, and geographic diversity.
      Involve alumni/ae as partners in mutually beneficial ways to help advance the Institute, and to strengthen their connections to the Institute.
      Foster and support an innovation ecosystem to bring ideas from the classroom and the laboratory to the marketplace.
      Seek more deliberate collaborations at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

      In Enabling Change, we will:

      Mount a comprehensive fund-raising campaign, building upon the success of the $1.4 billion Renaissance at Rensselaer Campaign.
      Target a goal of $150 million in annual philanthropic support.
      Maintain a robust infrastructure to support academic, research, and administrative activities.

      The Rensselaer Plan 2024 will enable us to build on our proud legacy, by educating students to lead in complex environments, by enabling research that addresses the most compelling Global Challenges, and by building a worldwide community of supporters who are bound by the common purpose of “changing the world.”

      The Rensselaer Plan 2024

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