Executive Summary
The Rensselaer Plan 2024
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The university community comprises students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees; a broad group of regional, national, and international alumni/ae and friends; and business and professional partners. Rensselaer draws its vitality from, and adds vitality to, each of these communities.

6.1 The Diverse and Inclusive University Community
Gifted and accomplished people are the lifeblood of the best universities. Rensselaer draws bright and talented students. It attracts faculty who are recognized scholars, who receive peer recognition and research funding, who define the discourse in their fields, and who set scholarly and professional agendas in national and international arenas. Rensselaer hires staff who exemplify excellence, commitment, and integrity; many are leaders in their fields who bring vision, strategic focus, and managerial ability to their work. The Board of Trustees provides the sustaining stewardship, fiduciary oversight, and financial support that help Rensselaer achieve its plans and aspirations. Therefore, we will:

  • Recruit, empower, and competitively compensate a diverse faculty and staff.
  • Maintain the highest standards for hiring, promotion, and tenure of faculty with regard to research distinction, teaching quality, and service.
  • Develop recruiting and admissions processes that identify the best students, who will succeed at Rensselaer and contribute to the Institute community.
  • Provide students with an informative, exciting, and seamless process for joining our university.
  • Recruit substantially more women, and ethnically and culturally diverse students.
  • Focus participation in research as a means to cultivate underrepresented groups to pursue academic careers.
  • Provide for our students an inclusive community, within a residential college model, that supports them in their personal growth and success.
  • Provide all members of the Rensselaer community with the opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • Create a lively community discourse on important cultural, social, gender, and geopolitical issues.
  • Support a Board of Trustees that is philanthropically oriented, and reflects a rich mix of influence, backgrounds, and perspectives, as well as wealth, wisdom, and work.

6.2 Alumni and Alumnae
The Rensselaer community is fortunate to have 100,000 alumni/ae around the world who embody the global reach and global impact of the Institute, as well as many successful and eminent friends and colleagues in industry, academia, research, and the public sector. The success of our alumni/ae is rooted in the superior education they received at Rensselaer. Concomitantly, the reputation of the Institute is reflected in the accomplishments of its alumni/ae. Our success depends upon their continued interest, involvement, and philanthropy. Rensselaer seeks to engage and empower all alumni/ae as active and effective partners in the Rensselaer community.

To cultivate and strengthen lifelong partnerships among the Institute and its alumni/ae and friends, we will:

  • Engage alumni/ae as partners and volunteers, and as recruiters, mentors, and employers of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Provide varied and comprehensive linkages that create a seamless transition from student to graduate, assist alumni/ae in career success, and reinforce connections between alumni/ae and their alma mater.
  • Celebrate, recognize, and communicate the achievements of alumni/ae as leaders in academia, industry, research, and government. Encourage greater philanthropy from alumni/ae in order to enable the university to grow, expand, and prosper.

As we educate citizens of the world, we must extend our reach and impact. This requires that our students experience cultures that expose them to diverse outlooks and deepen their understanding of their own cultural heritage.

6.3 Neighborhood, City, and Region
Greatness in a university is inextricably linked to the vitality of the region in which it is situated. Rensselaer has contributed intellectual leadership and a history of technological innovation to the regions around its campuses. The Institute has a tradition of close and mutually beneficial relationships with its surrounding communities. We will:

  • Foster and support an innovation ecosystem to bring ideas from the classroom and laboratory to the marketplace, launch and grow new businesses, and nurture and grow existing businesses, all while attracting new enterprises, people, and resources to the New York Capital Region and the Hartford Metropolitan Region.
  • Redevelop communities adjacent to our campuses, by joining in carefully selected neighborhood renewal, housing, hospitality, and commercial projects with private developers and public agencies.
  • Offer to the New York Capital Region, the Hartford Metropolitan Region, and our other communities, the student, staff, and faculty expertise to improve the quality of life and economies of our shared communities.

6.4 National and International Reach
As we educate citizens of the world, we must extend our reach and impact. This requires that our students study and experience cultures that expose them to diverse outlooks, expand their ability to communicate and collaborate across cultural boundaries, and deepen their understanding of their own cultural heritage. Faculty must be leaders on a national and global scale, collaborating with colleagues and placing graduates in top-tier organizations worldwide. We also seek a broad representation of international students and scholars on our campuses. We will:

  • Seek prominent roles in shaping economic, technology, and research agendas on a national and global level.
  • Forge strategic student exchange and faculty research partnerships with leading national and international academic institutions and research laboratories.
  • Target our international endeavors to emerging economies.
  • Expand corporate partnerships, especially with multinational technology-based enterprises.
The Rensselaer Plan 2024

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