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Closing “Green Gap” in LEDs
A team of researchers from Rensselaer has received $1.8 million in federal funding to improve the energy efficiency of green light-emitting diodes (LEDs). As part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solid-State Lighting Program, the team aims to close the “green gap” in LED technology by doubling or tripling the power output of green LEDs in three years, an advance that ultimately could lead to the replacement of incandescent and fluorescent lamps in general illumination applications.  Read more

Powerful Center To Advance the Science of Nanotechnology
In May, Rensselaer announced a $100 million partnership with IBM and New York state to create the world’s most powerful university-based supercomputing center, and a top 10 supercomputing center of any kind in the world.  Read more

Doctoral Candidate Wins Fulbright Award
Jeanette Simmonds, a doctoral candidate in the department of Science and Technology Studies, has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student scholarship to Australia in the field of Cultural and Intellectual History. She will use the grant to travel to Australia to conduct research on biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) — an interdisciplinary field of agricultural science that aims to understand the relationship between legumes and soil bacteria (Rhizobia).  Read more

Designing Better Game Characters
Looking beyond gorgeous graphics and sophisticated storylines, experts in the game industry are placing greater emphasis on developing games that involve players at the emotional level. A new book written by Katherine Isbister, associate professor of language, literature, and communication, explains how concepts from psychology and social science can be applied to character design to create powerful social and emotional connections with players.  Read more

Engineers Welcome Hockey Coach
Surrounded by the men’s ice hockey team, with RPI hockey fans cheering and “Hail Dear Old Rensselaer” playing in the background, President Shirley Ann Jackson welcomed the Institute’s 12th men’s ice hockey coach — Seth Appert — to campus at a gathering in the Mueller Center April 21.  Read more

Anthrax Inhibitor May Counteract Toxin
Researchers from Rensselaer and the University of Toronto have designed a nanoscale assembly of molecules that successfully counteracts and inhibits anthrax toxin in animal and laboratory experiments. The novel approach used to neutralize anthrax toxin could be applied in designing potent therapeutics for a variety of pathogens and toxins, including influenza and HIV, according to the researchers.  Read more

Rensselaer Honors Geologist
A plaque honoring Ebenezer Emmons, Class of 1826, a renowned geologist and the Institute’s first professor of geology, was unveiled during a ceremony that took place on campus in April.  Read more

Tiny Brushes Make Guinness Record Book
Pulickel Ajayan, the Henry Burlage Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, has made his way into the Guinness Book of World Records. Working in collaboration with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Ajayan has created “the smallest nanotube brushes with bristles more than a thousand times finer than a human hair.”  Read more

Improving Neighborhood Aesthetics
On May 6, more than 100 participants from the community joined architecture students in Rensselaer’s Community Planning course on a walking tour of the Williams Street alley in downtown Troy. The tour was organized by the students to inspire and promote a revitalization of Troy’s alleys as neighborhood resources.  Read more

Healthcare Leadership Program
Program Apollo, a new executive education program launched by the Lally School of Management and Technology, is arming leaders in the healthcare industry with the skills to create and execute visionary strategies in a complex marketplace.  Read more

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