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Rensselaer Spring 2007
* Beyond Books *  
Beyond Books

In charge of an $8.5 million budget, Rensselaer students control many aspects of student life. Here’s what they do to enhance and enlarge the student experience.

To Market... To Market...  
To Market... To Market...

As research universities across the country are stepping up efforts to bring research discoveries to market, Rensselaer is making significant strides in its nascent technology commercialization program.

Funding the Future  
Funding the Future

A university’s endowment is often a little-understood but vital component of an institution’s stability and success. Rensselaer is building its financial foundation to continue an unprecedented Institutewide transformation.

Undergraduate applications to Rensselaer jumped almost 50 percent in one year, with more than 10,000 high school students filing applications to attend as part of the Class of 2011. In just two years, applications have grown by 81 percent, with applications from female students rising 96 percent, from historically underrepresented students 147 percent, and from international students 145 percent.
Photos: “The Rensselaer crew team on the Hudson River” by Tom Killips; “Freshman applications” by Kris Qua; “Funding the Future” by Scott Barrow  
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