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Rensselaer September 2008
* The Eye of the Machine *  
The Eye of the Machine
At its core, machine vision is a vast puzzle of algorithms and computer code. The end results, however, are more easily understood, as are their real-world applications. Radke’s work holds the potential to impact—and even shape—the future of how humans utilize and interact with technology.
Lighting the Way
Lighting the Way
Uncovering the wonders of lighting innovation is the focus of Rensselaer’s acclaimed Lighting Research Center (LRC), which over the last 20 years has built a reputation as the premier academic institution of its kind in the United States.

Chasing Trains  
Chasing Trains
When Jim Shaughnessy ’55 took his camera to Troy’s Union Station in the winter of 1946, he wasn’t planning to reinvent railroad photography. He was simply 13 years old and curious—curious about steam engines and about how to capture their power and grandeur on film.
Photos: “The Eye of the Machine” by Mark McCarty; “Chasing Trains” by Jim Shaughnessy ’55; “Memories of Ned Harkness” by Mark McCarty
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