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On the Bookshelf: Recent Books by Alumni Authors

U.S. Naval Air Superiority U.S. Naval Air Superiority

Tommy H. Thomason ’66
Specialty Press, 2008

U.S. Naval Air Superiority: Development of Shipborne Jet Fighters, 1943-1962, profiles the turbulent design and development stage of the Navy’s carrier-based jet fighter program. From the successful designs, such as the Fury, Banshee, Crusader, and Phantom II, to the also-rans, like the Fireball, Demon, Pirate, and Cutlass, the Navy’s needs are measured against contractor and political demands and the limits of the evolving engine and aerodynamic technologies of the day. The book describes how the Navy was able to make the difficult transition from propeller-driven aircraft to high-performance, carrier-based jet fighters.

Tommy Thomason ’66, a retired aeronautical engineer and general aviation pilot, writes books and monographs on U.S. Navy aircraft.

Safety of Nanoparticles Safety of Nanoparticles

Thomas J. Webster ’00
Springer, 2008

In spite of the potential use of nanomaterials as tissue engineering devices, implants, biosensors, drug delivery devices, etc., there has yet to be a compilation of the risks associated with the in vivo use of nanomaterials. Safety of Nanoparticles: From Manufacturing to Medical Applications compiles research at the intersection of nanoparticles and biological processes to determine if nanophase materials are safe to be manufactured, handled, and/or implanted for various medical applications.

Thomas J. Webster, Ph.D. ’00, is associate professor, Division of Engineering and Department of Orthopedics, at Brown University, and editor of International Journal of Nanomedicine.

Goering’s Gold Goering’s Gold

Arnold R. Beckhardt ’44
iUniverse, 2008

At the end of World War II, a Luftwaffe hero flies a final mission for Reich Marshall Hermann Goering. He delivers gold bars to the organizer of an escape route for war criminals from Germany, called the “rat line.” Roy Neely, retired FBI psychologist and ex-Air Force Vietnam fighter pilot, is faced with a challenge: how, after 52 years, to expose the financing of this activity. After many twists and turns, this leads to a treasure hunt for Goering’s Gold.

Arnold R. Beckhardt ’44 is a retired IBM engineer who specialized in the development of military weapon systems and space programs. He has published NACA technical reports and magazine articles; this is his second Roy Neely novel.

Commercialization of Innovative Technologies Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

C. Joseph Touhill ’60, et al
Wiley-AIChE, 2008

This book is a blueprint for successful entrepreneurship—from building an innovation team to bringing a product to market.

It takes the reader through the complete life cycle of product innovation, including screening, funding, development, and commercialization. It focuses on three core areas that set the stage for successful commercialization: developing an “innovation team,” building a portfolio, and leveraging input from technologists.

C. Joseph Touhill ’60 is president of Touhill Technology Management Corp. He has been an engineering manager of major projects for more than 40 years. He is a fellow of both the AIChE and ASCE and is the author of more than 80 books and journal articles.

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