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Top Honors
Alumni News

Rick Lawrence ’68 took top honors in the 2007-08 Rotary International photo contest. His winning photo, published in the September issue of The Rotarian, shows a boy from Cojomachaj, Guatemala, about to drink water made possible by Rotarians. Lawrence chaired the clean water project that was recognized by Rotary International as the 2007 “Best Cooperative Project.”

Alumni News
Photography has been a hobby of Lawrence’s ever since he started taking pictures of his architectural projects as an undergraduate at RPI.

“Back in those days everything was done in black and white. Now with digital cameras the flexibility, color, and options are nearly unlimited,” he says. Lawrence, shown above with his wife, Elin, and Cojomachaj Mayor Nery Ruano, is president of the Lawrence Associates, Architects and Planners, in Manchester, Conn.

During this year’s Reunion celebration in June, Lawrence served as vice president of his class and was in charge of the class parade activities for the second reunion in a row, designing and assembling the posters and other items for presentation before the judges.

Alumni News
Dr. Gordon ’76 Goes to Hollywood

Scott Gordon ’76, M.D., recently made the leap from the operating suite to the big screen. An orthopedic/hand surgeon in Kissimmee, Fla., Gordon is executive producer and co-writer of the movie RoboDoc. He also composed, arranged, and produced the musical score for the film and has a minor role as Dr. Von Schmeckel.

Billed as “A Medical Comedy that’s Really Sick,” RoboDoc takes a satirical look at the healthcare system, highlighting issues such as overworked doctors, uninsured patients, and bureaucratic red tape. The villain is a wealthy malpractice attorney whose informants tip him off to potential new cases.

Enter RoboDoc, a robotic doctor who is programmed for perfection. His data banks hold every bit of the world’s medical knowledge. He can’t make a mistake, so he can’t be sued.

Alumni News
“The movie is hilarious, but we’re hoping that it’s seen as more than a comedy,” Gordon says. “We want to open people’s eyes to the problems in our healthcare system and get them thinking about what we can do to improve access to care and make it more affordable.”

Gordon got involved with RoboDoc at the request of his brother, Doug Gordon, M.D., a radiologist in Cocoa Beach, Fla. The brothers had already proved to be a successful comedy team, writing and performing song parodies and hosting their own radio show.

“Doug was being urged by the people around him. They were saying, ‘You know medicine, you know comedy. Why don’t you write a medical comedy that addresses the issues of medicine in a way that’s funny, but enlightening?’ ” Gordon says. “So we wrote RoboDoc.”

The movie features some well-known actors, including Alan Thicke of Growing Pains and David Faustino of Married with Children. It opened in theaters in Florida Sept. 26.

Gordon earned a bachelor’s in biology from Rensselaer in 1976 and a master’s in biomedical engineering in 1978. He earned his medical degree from New York Medical College.—EG

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