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RPIAlert Notification System Launched

Campus Safety

RPIAlert Notification System Launched

Building on continued efforts to provide a secure environment for all who live, work, learn, and teach at Rensselaer, the Institute recently implemented a system to enable mass communication to members of the campus community during crisis situations.

Called RPIAlert, the system will provide critical safety information via a multilayered approach, according to Jerry Matthews, director of public safety and emergency management, allowing registered users to receive emergency information via text message, e-mail, and voice mail messages to cell phones, office phones, and other devices.

An audible alert system also is being purchased and installed to provide siren and verbal messages over a loudspeaker system on the Troy campus. These systems will be combined with a new Web site designed to function as the primary source of up-to-date information during an emergency.

“This new system will allow us to communicate quickly and clearly during an emergency, when time is of the essence,” Matthews says. “A crisis may be sudden and unforeseen, or there may be varying periods of warning. In either situation, knowing what actions to take will save time and help individuals stay safe.”

Nearly 90 percent of the members of the incoming Class of 2012 registered their information during the Student Orientation sessions held during July and August. Also, students and staff who attended the annual Rensselaer Union Activities Fair were able to register. To encourage members of the campus community to register with RPIAlert, the Department of Public Safety plans to host additional registration days for students, faculty, and staff throughout the academic year.

Public Safety will perform several tests of the RPIAlert system during each academic year. The system was successfully tested for the first time at the beginning of the fall semester.

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