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Would you like to get another taste of Greek culture? You can do this without leaving the Capital Region. Here is a list of things you could do to experience more of Greek culture:

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Greek Food

There are three restaurants with Greek food and a Greek name:

  • The Chariot: 5180 Route 20, Guilderland, 356-1116. Serving dinner Tue-Thu 4-9, Fri-Sat 4-10, Sun 4-8.
  • Taste of Greece: 193 Lark Street, Albany, 426-9000. Serving Mo-Thu 11-10, Fri 11-11, Sat 4-11, Sun 4-10.
  • Grecian Gardens: 1612 Route 9, Clifton Park, 373-9950

Apart from these restaurants, there are many Diners, that serve Greek food. Look in the menu for foods like spanakopita, tyropita, soyvlaki etc. To name a few:

  • Alexis Diner: 294 North Greenbush Road, Troy, 286-2603
  • 76 Diner: 722 Loudon Road, Latham, 785-3793 (open 24x7)
  • Circle Diner: Intersection of Route 2 and 9, Latham, 785-3324

Greek Music

Listen to the "Sounds of Greece", every Saturday 2-3:30 PM, starting November 18. On WRPI 91.5 FM and the Internet. Listen to Greek music, news and history in both Greek and English. Phone number for dedications: 276-6248. Web site, email

Greek Orthodox Churches

The following churches organize events and festivals that showcase the Greek culture

Saint Basil: 909 River Street, Troy, 273-8923, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel E. Mantzouris. Website (under construction under

Saint Sophia: 440 Whitehall Road, Albany, 489-4442, Rev. Fr. Patric Legato.

Saint George: 107 Clinton Street, Schenectady, 393-0742, V. Rev.Fr. Paul K. Koutoukas

Greek Language and Courses

- Traveller's Greek

If you would like to learn basic Greek by yourself try few one of the following language instruction programs with book and cassette "combos":

  • Berlitz Greek: Princeton, NJ : Berlitz, 1998, 1 sound cassette + 1 phrase book (224 p.). Available at the Colonie Public Library.
  • Just listen 'n learn Greek / by Eleni Marcopoulos-Gambarotta and Jennifer Scamp. Lincolnwood, IL : Passport Books/National Textbook Company, 1988. 3 sound cassettes (ca. 180 min.) + 1 paperback (235 p.) Available at the Colonie, Guilderland, North Greenbush and Troy Public Libraries.
  • Greek, quick & easy sound recording / by Diethard Lbke, Maspeth, N.Y. : Langenscheidt, 1985, 2 sound cassettes + 1 booklet (96 p.). Available at the Albany Public Library
  • The Official Foreign Service Institute course: Greek. 12 sound cassettes + 1 book (168 p.). Available at the Colonie Public Library.

- Advanced Modern Greek

If you would like to spend some more time learning Greek, check out the programs at Saint Sophia Greek orthodox church at the phone number given above. A very well organized school is in operation.

- Greek Studies

SUNYA offers courses in Greek Archaeology, History of Ancient Greece, Introduction to Greek Literature, Greek Literature in Translation, Fifth Century Athens, Alexander and the Hellenistic Age, Art and Archaeology of Cyprus and more!. For more information check this webpage.

For events in the Capital Region check the Hellas website and the Event Calendar in the website of Sounds of Greece If you would like to learn more about Hellas email us at

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