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CMMS Keyboard CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) uses Oracle on a client/server network to provide maintenance and inventory information to its users 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The maintenance and inventory applications are products of PRISM Computer Corp. with FAMIS as its acronym.
CMMS is integrated with the campus financial system, BANNER, to post charges and payroll hours for Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services. It interfaces with the Gasboy fuel pump in the Auxiliary Services garage to capture the use of gasoline and diesel fuel. Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services use CMMS to manage projects and schedule preventive maintenance on equipment and facilities.
A service request is entered into CMMS after the Campus Maintenance Center receives an e-mail or phone call from a student, staff or faculty member to report a problem (e.g., room too cold, faucet leaking, window won't close). The service request generates a work order number, which is then assigned to a maintenance repairperson or housekeeper who responds within 48 hours. A request by e-mail generates a return e-mail with a brief description of the request and the work order number to reference when making inquiries.
CMMS is used in the Physical Plant stockroom to inventory parts, track vendors, generate purchase requisitions for ordering stock items, and validate receipt of items into the stockroom. All stock items must be issued to a work order or department before leaving the stockroom.
The CMMS Staff
The CMMS Information Systems Staff provides technical support and customization of the Computerized Maintenance Management System software. It administers the user and group accounts for CMMS, the Oracle database and Unix Server. The staff also provides training for users on current and new operating systems and software, and installation and maintenance of computer hardware.

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