Hands-on Physics Outside the Classroom


The Mobile Studio Project

The Mobile Studio Project, also known as "Mobile Card", has been developed in conjunction with the Department of Physics at Rensselaer to provide a compliment to the pedagogical approach to teaching introductory physics known as "Studio Physics".

Pioneered at Rensselaer in the 1990's, Studio Physics seeks tofully engage the student in the learning process. By transforming the traditional lecture-recitation-laboratory format into a twice per week two-hour class session, students spend most in-class time learning by doing under the constant guidance of PhD-level instructors.

About the size of a hand-held calculator, the Mobile Card was conceived as an enhancement to Studio Physics by providing an inexpensive yet sophisticated hardware device with a variety of functionality replacing conventional instrumentation. Because it is small and portable, laboratory activities can be designed to be continued or conducted in the dormitory by the student without the constraint of allotted class time. This gives students time to explore fundamental physics concepts at their own pace in concrete "real world" ways that homework problems alone cannot afford.

The project is ongoing with new enhancements to the Card being developed and implemented for student use when available.  








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