Below is a suggested list of topics (in no particular order) for seminar talks, poster presentations or term papers. The list is by no means exclusive, and you are welcome to suggest alternatives. You may find it useful to consult the electronic library of articles in LMS to help you make a selection or during preparation of your presentation.


The Miller-Urey experiment: Successes and failures

2 Hydrothermal systems and the origin of life
3 Detection and characterization of exoplanets
4 Zones of habitability around normal stars
5 Photosynthesis and its role in evolution
6 Hadean Earth: The earliest history of our planet
7 Prebiotic molecules in comets and asteroids
8 Organic molecules in interstellar space
9 Panspermia
10 The earliest fossils
11 The atmosphere of Titan and its relevance to prebiotic Earth
12 Martian methane: Evidence for life?
13 Icy moons as potential hosts for life
14 Catalysts: Their potential role in the origin of life
15 The anthropic principle
16 The phylogenic tree and its relevance to the origin of life
17 Molecular chirality and the origin of biohomochirality
18 The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)
19 Astrobiology and society: Education and public outreach
20 Astrobiology and society: What if we discover ET?