No single text is available that meets all the needs of the course. The following is a list of useful texts that you may wish to consult. An electronic library of relevant articles is maintained in LMS.

Title Author / Editor Topic
Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World Jonathan Lunine Available in paperback for about $30. The closest thing to an ideal text for the class.
Foundations of Astronomy
Michael A. Seeds
One of many suitable texts on basic astronomy for anyone in the class who lacks background in this area.
The Search for Life in the Universe
Donald Goldsmith & Tobias Owen
The authors present astronomical facts from the viewpoint of the search for other civilizations.
Major Events in the History of Life
J. William Schopf
The six chapters are review papers, each by a different author. The first two chapters, on the origin of life (Stanley Miller), and the oldest fossils (William Schopf) are essential reading.
Moons and Planets
William K. Hartmann
A comprehensive and up-to-date text on the Solar System, including a chapter on the origin of life.
How to Find a Habitable Planet
James Kasting
An excellent text on planetary habitability and the search for life-bearing exoplanets.
Origins of Life: The Central Concepts
David W. Deamer and Gail R. Fleischaker
A collection of seminal papers on the origin of life.