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Class Notes
Office Hours

This page contains the contact information for your TAs.
This page is up to date as of 2007-10-05.

Graduate TAs

Sarah Dekat
    Section 03 MR 12-2 (2C06)
    Section 05 MR 2-4 (2C06)
    Office:  J-R SC 4th floor (RC34)
    Hours:  T 1-3
    Email:    dekats@rpi.edu

Eric Hofmann
    Section 08 TF 2-4 (2C30)
    Section 10 TF 12-2 (2C30)
    Office: J-R SC 4th floor (RC34)
    Hours:  MR 2-3
    Email:    hofmae@rpi.edu

Wenting Hou
    Section 06 TF 10-12 (2C06)
    Section 07 TF 12-2 (2C06)
    Office:  Huntington Lab
    Hours:  R 10-12
    Email:    houw2@rpi.edu

Mei-Ling Kuo
    Section 09 TF 10-12 (2C06)
    Office:  Huntington Lab*
    Hours:  M 12-2
    Email:    kuom@rpi.edu

Qi-feng Shan
    Section 09 MR 4-6 (2C06)
    Office:  J-R SC 1C28
    Hours:  F 3-5
    Email:    shanq@rpi.edu

Undergraduate TAs

Sec 01 Jane Sprigg sprigj@rpi.edu
Sec 02 Zac Cornell cornez@rpi.edu
Sec 03 Nicole Ricapito ricapn@rpi.edu
Sec 05 Boris Boutkov boutkb@rpi.edu
Sec 06 Adam Rhoda rhodaa@rpi.edu
Sec 07 Joseph Palazzo palazj@rpi.edu
Sec 08 David Hutchinson hutchd@rpi.edu
Sec 09 Taylor Faulstich faulst@rpi.edu
Sec 10 Tricia Kent kentt@rpi.edu

*Huntington Lab is the large room with computers and books across the hall from the Physics Department Office on the first floor of the J-R Science Center.


Welcome to Physics I at RPI for Fall 2007!

We post important announcements here, at the bottom of each page.  All of the information you need to know about the course is posted on this site.  Add it to your list of “favorite sites” (I know, I know...) and check often.

If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, you need to upgrade to LoggerPro 3.5. Follow this link for instructions.

If you are having trouble connecting your laptop to the LabPro device when you attach the USB cable, check this possible workaround.

You can download copies of the first exam and its solutions, the second exam and its solutions, and the third exam and its solutions.

There will be Supplemental Instruction for Physics 1 by Asantha Kempitiya Mondays and Thursdays 8-10pm in DCC 235.  (This is a change from the original location.)

The optional review for exam 3 will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, in DCC 308.