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LoggerPro under Windows Vista

The CD provided contains LoggerPro 3.2 and the relevant application files. For use with Windows Vista you need to upgrade to LoggerPro 3.5.

LoggerPro 3.5 Upgrade "Minimal Updater" is available at no charge from the Vernier website  .

The password is "sodium".

There are two methods to upgrade without losing the application files.


The easiest method is to install LoggerPro 3.5 first before installing the provided CD.

Run the installer.

When you are done, insert the Wiley Physics CD. It will autorun and copy all of the activity files into c:\Physics 1 and c:\Physics 2 directories on your computer. 

The LoggerPro 3.2 installer will then open.  It will give you instructions on making sure that you have no USB devices plugged in, to which you click ok

A setup window opens, and all you need to do is click cancel and the first version of LoggerPro remains on your system. 

If you fail to cancel, the next window is a license agreement. You can click "no" or "back" and then "cancel".

If you click "next", and "yes" throughout the LoggerPro 3.2 installation, it will overwrite LoggerPro 3.5.


You can install the entire Wiley Physics CD first, installing LoggerPro 3.2.  After that, download and install LoggerPro 3.5 per instructions above and let it overwrite Loggerpro 3.2.

Note: On the Vernier Website there is a version for Mac OS X. We have no experience about how it works with our application files. You are on your own here.


Welcome to Physics I at RPI for Fall 2007!

We post important announcements here, at the bottom of each page.  All of the information you need to know about the course is posted on this site.  Add it to your list of “favorite sites” (I know, I know...) and check often.

If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, you need to upgrade to LoggerPro 3.5. Follow this link for instructions.

If you are having trouble connecting your laptop to the LabPro device when you attach the USB cable, check this possible workaround.

You can download copies of the first exam and its solutions, the second exam and its solutions, and the third exam and its solutions.

There will be Supplemental Instruction for Physics 1 by Asantha Kempitiya Mondays and Thursdays 8-10pm in DCC 235.  (This is a change from the original location.)

The optional review for exam 3 will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, in DCC 308.