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This page contains links to the class notes.

Introductory Notes
Class 01:  Introduction and 1D Constant Acceleration
Class 02:  Vectors and 2D Motion
Class 03: Newton's Laws of Motion
Class 04: Newton's 2nd Law in Complex Systems
Class 05: Impulse and Momentum
Class 06: Conservation of Momentum
Class 07: Review Activity for Exam 1
Review Notes for Exam 1
Class 08: Work and Kinetic Energy
Class 09: Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy
Class 10: Energy in Spring Systems
Class 11: Non-Conservative Forces and Collisions
Class 12: Uniform Circular Motion
Class 13: General Rotational Motion
Class 14: Cross Product, Torque, Angular Momentum
Class 15: Conservation of Angular Momentum
Class 16: Review Activity for Exam 2
Review Notes for Exam 2
Class 17: Gravitation
Class 18: Coulomb's Law
Class 19: The Electric Field
Class 20: Electric Potential
Class 21: Thinking about Electric Fields and Potential
Class 22: The Magnetic Field
Class 23: Magnetic Forces on Moving Charges
Class 24: e/m Ratio for the Electron
Class 25: Review Activity for Exam 3
Review Notes for Exam 3
Class 26: Special Topic: Relativity (Optional Class)
Class 27: Course Wrap-Up

Welcome to Physics I at RPI for Fall 2007!

We post important announcements here, at the bottom of each page.  All of the information you need to know about the course is posted on this site.  Add it to your list of “favorite sites” (I know, I know...) and check often.

If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, you need to upgrade to LoggerPro 3.5. Follow this link for instructions.

If you are having trouble connecting your laptop to the LabPro device when you attach the USB cable, check this possible workaround.

You can download copies of the first exam and its solutions, the second exam and its solutions, and the third exam and its solutions.

There will be Supplemental Instruction for Physics 1 by Asantha Kempitiya Mondays and Thursdays 8-10pm in DCC 235.  (This is a change from the original location.)

The optional review for exam 3 will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, in DCC 308.