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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Research

Applied Geometry
Approximation Theory
Chemically-Reacting Flows
Computational Logic
Dynamical Systems
Environmental Problems
Fluid Dynamics
Inverse Problems
Machine Learning
Math Education
Mathematical Physics
Multiphase Flows
Nonlinear Analysis
Nonlinear Materials
Nonlinear Waves
Operations Research and Mathematical Programming
Perturbation Methods
Scientific Computing

Mathematical Sciences Research
Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing is about constructing mathematical models, adapting numerical solution techniques, and using computers to analyze scientific and engineering problems.

This field differs from Computer Science, which is the study of computers and computations.

Scientific Computing aims to gain understanding, mainly through the analysis of mathematical models implemented on high-performance or super computers.

Scientific Computing at Rensselaer

Investigations range from the study of fundamental problems in linear algebra to the development and analysis of numerical schemes for solving particular physical or life science problems.

Rensselaer houses the Scientific Computation Research Center (SCOREC). This interdisciplinary center is focused on the development of reliable simulation technologies for engineers, scientists, medical professionals, and other practitioners. These advancements enable experts in their fields to employ, appraise, and evaluate the behavior of physical, chemical, and biological systems.

Other resources include Numerically Intensive Computing Facilities.

Current Projects

Research activities include:

  • Numerical solution of:
    • Optimization problems.
    • Inverse eigenvalue problems.
    • Free-boundary problems.
  • Finite difference and finite element methods for stiff initial and boundary-value problems.
  • Methods of resolving problems involving composite materials.

Applications of this research include:

Faculty Researchers

Kristin Bennett
David Isaacson
Ashwani Kapila
John Mitchell
Victor Roytburd
Donald Schwendeman
William Siegmann


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