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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Research

Applied Geometry
Approximation Theory
Chemically-Reacting Flows
Computational Logic
Dynamical Systems
Environmental Problems
Fluid Dynamics
Inverse Problems
Machine Learning
Math Education
Mathematical Physics
Multiphase Flows
Nonlinear Analysis
Nonlinear Materials
Nonlinear Waves
Operations Research and Mathematical Programming
Perturbation Methods
Scientific Computing

Mathematical Sciences Research
Mathematical Physics

Mathematical physics is an interdisciplinary field between mathematics and physics, aimed at studying and solving problems inspired by physics within a mathematically rigorous framework.

Although mathematical physics and theoretical physics are related, these two fields have differences. Mathematical physics emphasizes the mathematical rigor found in mathematics while theoretical physics emphasizes the links to actual observations and experimental physics that often requires the theoretical physicists to use heuristic, intuitive, and approximate arguments.

Faculty Researchers

David Isaacson
Yuri Lvov


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