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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Research

Applied Geometry
Approximation Theory
Chemically-Reacting Flows
Computational Logic
Dynamical Systems
Environmental Problems
Fluid Dynamics
Inverse Problems
Machine Learning
Math Education
Mathematical Physics
Multiphase Flows
Nonlinear Analysis
Nonlinear Materials
Nonlinear Waves
Operations Research and Mathematical Programming
Perturbation Methods
Scientific Computing

Mathematical Sciences Research
Perturbation Methods

Perturbation theory comprises mathematical methods that are used to find an approximate solution to a problem that cannot be solved exactly, by starting from the exact solution of a related problem.

Perturbation Methods at Rensselaer

Researchers study regular and singular perturbation theory to systematically construct an approximation of the solution of a problem that is otherwise intractable.

Current Projects

Researchers are currently working on:

  • Regular perturbation theory.
  • Singular perturbation theory.
  • Computational methods for singularly perturbed problems.

Faculty Researchers

Isom Herron
Mark Holmes
Ashwani Kapila
Gregor Kovacic


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