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Rensselaer has a long history of providing graduate education to Army officers who will be assigned, after completing their M.S. degree here, to teach mathematics at West Point. If you are an active-duty Army officer with an interest in that career path, you can find out more about it by visiting USMA.

We are one of three universities that have been designated as foundation graduate schools by the USMA Department of Mathematical Sciences. Under our arrangement with USMA and Army Advanced Civilian Schooling, students who are admitted to our M.S. program in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics are entitled (if their report date allows) to take a regular course during our Summer 3 session prior to their first fall semester. This affords the student a valuable opportunity to adjust to the graduate school environment before their full schedule of coursework begins.

We also provide a customized Returning to School Seminar, which is designed to smooth the military officer’s transition back into the academic world. It is scheduled each summer at a time that works for all of the Army students who will begin that fall. To find out about it, you can visit Mike Kupferschmid and click on the "Returning To School Seminar" link.

Here are some people you can contact in person to learn more about the Army Math program at Rensselaer.

Current Army students:
CPT Seth Lotts, lottsw@rpi
CPT Dan Zimmerman,

Rensselaer faculty and staff:
Dr. John Mitchell,
Dr. Mike Kupferschmid,
Dawnmarie Robens,

West Point liasons:
LTC Michelle Isenhour,
LTC Donald Outing,

For a current Army student’s perspective on Rensselaer, offering useful TTP’s, need-to-know information, and general topics not covered specifically in your PCS orders, visit

Some officers who become West Point instructors are later selected by the Army to return to graduate school for the Ph.D. degree, and many of them have also chosen Rensselaer for their doctoral studies. If you are about to become an Army Ph.D. student, please read about our doctoral programs and consider applying to Rensselaer. The points of contact listed above can put you in touch with past Army graduates of our Ph.D. program.

Students in the programs described above are active-duty Army officers. Rensselaer also provides support services for students who are military verterans, which you can read about at


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