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Image Collections at Rensselaer Libraries

Rensselaer Libraries has licensed image sets for scholarly study and research. They are mounted on our campus-wide network for use by the Rensselaer community. Several resolutions are available to serve different educational purposes.

Period Name
Book Plates
Image Sets

These licensed sets include:

Ancient Art vol. 1, Ancient Greek Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2201 (132 images)
Ancient Art vol. 4, Roman Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2205 (255 images)
Contemporary American Architecture - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2410 (88 images)
Frederick Hartt's History of Italian Renaissance Art - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2405 (199 images)
Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 11th edition - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2412 (415 images)
Italian Renaissance Art, part II - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-2406 (513 images)
Japanese Architecture - Davis Images - D011 (33 images)
Masterpieces I: MoMA - Davis Images - D008 (56 images)
Text Book Superset - Saskia Ltd. - CDR-TEXT (1780 images)
US Revival Architecture - Davis Images - D006 (83 images)

LICENSE AGREEMENT: These images are licensed for use by the Rensselaer community. Rensselaer faculty, staff and currently enrolled students may display and or print these images without limitation for teaching and research purposes at Rensselaer. By accessing these images, you agree to the terms of the license agreement.

Community users are asked to enter their Rensselaer user name (RCSID) and password to view images.

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