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"Traditions at the 'tute have become less important to the undergraduate of today then they were to our beanie-tipping, ritual-entranced, forerunners. As the oldest engineering school in any English speaking country, Rensselaer has a rich backlog of traditions most of which have been relegated to the past.In our generation we have seen the coming of the 'atomic age' and the 'age of anxiety.' The college student of today is faced with serious problems stemming from the fact that the college degree is necessary to the successful realization of his goals: security and future happiness.We must, however, remember that one of the strongest bonds between men is that of common heritage of traditions. Although some traditions, of necessity, must be abandoned there are some which we must take care to propagate. Our traditions on the Hill have allowed us to rally together, they've given us an identity, they are 'Old Rensselaer'."
[Roger G. Mazlen, 1959 Transit]


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