President's House

The Institute purchased and renovated a house on the Sims property at Upper Tibbits Avenue for use as the first official President's residence. President Hotchkiss lived in this house from 1936 to 1943. The house was sold to Robert and Regina Black in 1946 with a clause giving the Institute first refusal to repurchase the property. The property was indeed repurchased in 1950. As part of the Institute's auxiliary dormitory plan, the house was renovated and a dormitory wing added. The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity occupied the house until it dissolved in 1965. The house then became the home of Acacia.

The Institute purchased a home at 10 Eaton Rd. to house President Folsom in 1958. President Folsom soon realized that the house could not accommodate the types of social activities required of the president. A larger home at 352 Hoosick St. was purchased and renovated in 1961. The house was used as the President's residence until 1971 and was subsequently used to house the Provost. The Sutland property at 2005 Tibbits Ave. was purchased in 1971 to house President Grosh and family. The house on this site was razed in 2010 to make way for a new President's House.

First residence used for RPI President    352 Hoosick St.     Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson in front of the President's House

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