How Can I Sail Aboard the Clearwater?

The special experience of sailing aboard the sloop Clearwater will be remembered for years, whether you join us as a passenger or crew. Clearwater's sailing season runs from early April through mid-November. We hope you can sail with us; if not, perhaps you will get a chance to visit the Clearwater for a dockside tour. The following are different ways you can sail aboard the Clearwater.

Member Sails: We offer three hour sails to Clearwater members in the evenings and weekends during summer and fall seasons. A member sail flyer listing the Clearwater's schedule is sent bulk rate to all our members in early June. All registration for member sails are done by mail. Clearwater members pay $8.00 per adult and $4.00 per senior or child age 12 and under. Members may also bring two non-member guests. Non-members pay $15.00 per adult and $7.50 per senior or child age 12 and under.

Classroom of the Waves: These educational group sails are scheduled upon demand with schools, youth groups or adult groups from April through mid-November. These three or five hour sails engage passengers in navigation, water chemistry, fish species and the vitality of the Hudson River's web of life. Application deadlines are December 1 for spring sails and March 1 for summer and fall sails. Contact the Clearwater office for a brochure and application describing the program and costs.

Volunteer Crew: During our sailing season, the Clearwater sails with the help of six volunteers per week, who assist the crew and the education specialist conduct the "Classroom of the Waves" education program. For one week (Sunday to Saturday), volunteers work, eat and sleep on-board the boat. Volunteers need to be Clearwater members to crew; there is a $30 food fee for the week. This is an invigorating experience for anyone, sailor or not, who is willing to share close quarters and hard work with a dedicated and talented crew. Contact the Clearwater office for an application.

Sloop's Apprentice: Two Apprentices are selected for each month of the sailing season. No previous sailing experience is required. Apprentices receive room and board aboard the sloop and a stipend of $25 a week. Apprenticeships are also available during the winter months for individuals interested in helping with boat maintenance. Housing and a $50-per-week stipend are provided. Contact the Clearwater office for an application.

Education Assistant: This two-month internship is for the person who is actively pursuing a degree or career in environmental science or education. Like Apprentices, the Education Assistant lives aboard the sloop and receives a stipend of $25 a week. To apply, send cover letter and resume to "Education Director" at the Clearwater office.

Clearwater Crew: The crew includes a first, second and third mate, a bosun, an engineer, and a cook. Two complete crews are hired during the course of the year; one to start in the spring and work through late July (the "spring crew"), and the other to start in late July and work through the end of the season (the "fall crew"). While exceptions are sometimes made, we prefer to hire crew who can commit to a full term. Interest in the organization's environmental mission and participation in the on-board education program are required. Pay varies depending on the position and the individual's experience. All paid crew are entitled to health insurance benefits for the duration of their employment. Deadlines are January 15 for spring crew and March 15 for fall crew. To apply, send cover letter and resume to "Captains" at the Clearwater office.

Source: Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.
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