Intellectual Property & Biodiversity News (formerly "Bio/Technology/Diversity Week")
Biodiversity Information Network
Biodiversity sources
Biodiversity, Taxonomy, and Conservation
Biodiversity Newsletter
Biological Collections Gopher
Harvard University.
Endangered Species Program
Provided by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.
Multilateral Treaties on Biodiversity
Papua New Guinea Rainforest/Biodiversity Campaign Archives
Significant resources concerning efforts to conserve Papua New Guinea's Rainforests, Biodiversity and Cultures.
Developed by Ecological Enterprises.
Texas A&M Plant Diversity Information Center
Worldwide Biodiversity/Forest Campaign Archives
Significant coverage broken down by country of efforts to conserve biodiversity, forests and cultures worldwide.
Developed by Ecological Enterprises.




Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing
An interdisciplinary research initiative at the University of California, Berkeley.
Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Lab of the University of Windsor.
EcoDesign Website: Vancouver, Canada.
Green Design Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University.
GreenClips -- Gopher Menu
GreenClips -- Web Site
GreenClips is a summary of recent articles in the media on environmental news. It has a special focus on sustainable design for buildings-green architecture-and related government and business issues.
National Centre for Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
O2 Global Network: An eco-design association, Netherlands.


Connecting With Nature and Applied Ecopsychology (PNC)
Nature Activities, Books and Courses for Wellness, Spirit and Deeper Learning
Maintained by Department of Integrated Ecology, Univ of Global Education.
Department of Education
Department of Environmental Studies and Planning, Sonoma State University (ENSP)
Includes academic program, scholarships, faculty profiles, employment opportunities, EarthLab, surrounding environment (includes photos), and a WWW navigator to helpful sites.
Environmental Education Link -- Gopher Menu
Environmental Education Link -- Web Site
Environmental Education Network at EnviroLink
Project GeoSim - Geography Education Software
Project GeoSim is a joint research project of the Departments of Computer Science and Geography at Virginia Tech. We are creating education modules for introductory geography courses.


Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC)
BIA Division of Energy and Mineral Resources
Department of Energy
Department of Energy: Energy, Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network
Energy and Climate Information Exchange Files (ECIX)
Homepower Magazine
Lighting Research Center (LRC) of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Renewable Energy Information
Discussions about energy, science & technology.
The online information service of CREST.

Environmental Justice

1992 People of Color Environmental Groups Directory
EcoJustice at IGC
Environmental Racism/Envionmental Equity
Published by Sustainable Earth Electronic Library.

Green Purchasing

Chlorine-Free Paper Consortium
Cloth Bag Company
Earth Dream
Go Organic Online
Green Purchasing by the Greening of Rensselaer Initiative
Sustainable Development on Campus
Wisconsin Buy Recycled Business Alliance


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) -- Gopher Menu
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) -- Web Site
National Institute of Health (NIH)
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly -- Gopher Menu
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly -- Web Site
(Formerly Rachel's Hazardous Waste News.)
News and resources for environmental justice.
Published by the Environmental Research Foundation.

Indigenous Cultures

Aboriginal Studies
WWW Virtual Library
Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
News from the Revolution in Chiapas
Fourth World Documentation Project
Indigenous Peoples' Information for the Online Community.
Provided by the Center For World Indigenous Studies.
Other Fourth World Resources on the Internet
From the Fourth World Documentation Project.
The Oneida Indian Nation of New York


Western Lands Gopher
The EcoNet Western Lands Gopher provides ascii text files environmental on land use issues which affect western lands in the US.


Congressional Affairs
Environmental Law
Indiana University School of Law.
Environmental law manual - University of Georgia
Federal Environmental Laws
International Trade Policies and Institutions
International Treaties and Agreements
Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
Proposed US Federal Environment Legislation
The Endangered Species Act

Natural Resources

Natural Resources Institutions and Organizations Worldwide (NRIOW)
An extensive collection of academic, non-government and government-subsidized natural resources institutions. Emphasis on forest resources.
Compiled and maintained by: Yu-Fai Leung, Dept. of Forestry, Virginia Tech


Pesticide Information Service (PESTIS)
The Pesticide Action Network North American Update Service (PANNUPS)


1993 National Environmental Scorecard - Inst. for Global Communications
(Please read some Green party platforms before posting.)
Bad Subjects
A student collective, focusing on leftist-socialist praxis.
Full Text of the NAFTA
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (GATT)
Global Democracy Network
Government, Law & Politics at CMU
Greens Party Platforms
Human Rights
Librtarian Home Page
Marx & Engles on-line library
Complete texts of Marx's writings.
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Political Organization and theory
Progressive & Non-Profit Organizations on the Net


Technical discussions about population biology.
Bureau of the Census
Population Centers on the Web
Provided by the Population Studies Center - University of Michigan.
The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)


America Recycles Day
National Materials Exchange Network
A space for trading and recycling just about anything; a "materials dating service".
Recycle City by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Recycler's World
Solid Waste info. from Brown U.
U. Wisconsin - Solid Waste Landfill Study Course
U. Wisconsin - Solid Waste Recycling

Things you can do

100 Ways to Save Energy Around The House And Still Have All The Comforts Of Home.
Provided by San Diego Gas & Electric.

Toxic & Hazardous Substances

1992 Toxics Release Inventory
Bio-Anaerobic Soil and Water Cleanup - a New Method
Environmental Health and Safety (U. Penn)
EPA Chemical Fact Sheets
EPA Chemical Substance Fact Sheets
EPA Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) 1992 Lotus Files
EPA: Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
Example Chemical Hygiene Plan
Greenpeace Toxic Trade Updates
The Greenpeace Toxic Trade Projects seeks to ban the trade in toxic materials.
Hazardous Materials, Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data Sheets
MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheets-Chemicals & Manufactured Products
National Toxicology Program (NTP)
NIH ATSDR - HazDat Database
Occupational Safety and Health, including OSHA documents
Pesticide Action Network North America Updates Service
Right To Know Computer Network (RTK-NET)
Works to increase accessibility to information about the toxic wastes produced by industry.
On the IGC.
RTK NET Newsletters
Toxic Trade Update, Fourth Quarter 1993
Toxics, Hazards & Wastes (IGC)


Automobiles and Environmental Impact
Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE)
Subway and Railroad Information


East Bay Vegan News
News from the Vegans in San Franciso.
Meat's Impact
Realities 1989 - from Diet For A New America by John Robbins
Recipies for a vegetarian diet
Vegetarian FAQ
Vegetarian Resource Group
Veggies Unite!


Aquatic Biology Internet Resources; B. Brown; v2; 07/04/94
California Ocean Resources Management Plan
California Rivers Assessment (CARA)
CU Geography Deptartment
Geological Survey, Atlantic Marine Geology
Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)
Groundwater Section, Ministry of Envir., BC, Canada
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
National Snow and Ice Data Center
NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab
Purdue Water Gopher
San Francisco Bay Delta Hearing Testimony
University Water Information Network (UWIN)
EPA Water Quality Models
USGS National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program
Water (IGC)
Water Quality Database
Water Quality Information Center
Woods Hole Oceanographic Center Gopher


National Wetlands Inventory (NWI), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service welcome
FWS Wetlands inventory including DLG data
Wetlands Research & Technology Center (USCOE - WES)


Australian University School of Zoology
Facts About Federal Wildlife Laws
A brochure from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Fish & Wildlife Service
Migratory Birds
National Wildlife Refuge System
Whaling Gopher

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