A large number of sample journals & magazines are available from The Electronic Newstand.
Bad Subjects
A student collective, focusing on leftist-socialist praxis.
Intellectual Property & Biodiversity News (formerly Bio/Technology/Diversity News)
Biodiversity Newsletter
Botanical Electronic News
E, The Environmental Magazine
[A]ims to inform and inspire people who have concerns about the environment ... hopes to advance ecological perspectives ... and enlist general popular support for environmental protection efforts.
Earth First! Journal
The Earth First! Journal is an independent periodical published eight times a year on the pagan holidays.
Earth Negotiations Bulletin
The Earth Negotiations Bulletin is an independent reporting service that provides daily coverage of negotiations on environment and development at the United Nations.
Published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.
Electronic Green Journal
A professional refereed publication from U. Idaho covering "assessment, conservation, development, disposal, education, hazards, pollution, resources, technology, and treatment." Also information about environmental justice.
EPA Journal
The Journal of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Of the Environmental Protection Agency.
Farm Aid News
Available from Sustainable Earth Electronic Library.
Farm Bill Review
Available from Sustainable Earth Electronic Library.
Food Safety Week
GATT Alert
GreenClips -- Gopher Menu
GreenClips -- Web Site
GreenClips is a summary of recent articles in the media on environmental news. It has a special focus on sustainable design for buildings-green architecture-and related government and business issues.
Greenpeace Toxic Trade Updates
The Greenpeace Toxic Trade Projects seeks to ban the trade in toxic materials.
Homepower Magazine
MojoWire (Mother Jones Interactive)
A magazine of investigation and ideas for independent thinkers.
MycoInfo Newsletter -- Gopher Menu
MycoInfo -- Web Site
A newsletter, and a web resource by & for mushroom enthusiasts.
Pacific Discovery
Orginally "focused on the wonders and delights of the natural world," now also "encompass[es] the causes and ramifications of environmental degradation and rapid decline in Earth's biological diversity."
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly
News and resources for environmental justice.
(Formerly Rachel's Hazardous Waste News.)
Published by the Environmental Research Foundation.
South Florida Environmental Reader
Spores Afield
Newsletter of the Colorado Mycological Society.
Sustainable Agriculture Week
Available from Sustainable Earth Electronic Library.
The Green Drummer
Sounding the Call of New York's Environmental Community.
(Not on-line, but a very good resource)
The New Environmentalist
[A]n interactive Journal of practical sustainability which focuses on how people can make more environmentally sound decisions within the context of their own lives.
Topothesia means a "viewing or touring of fictitious or imaginary places." It's a place for unravelling the complex intersections of humanity, technology, and imagination.
Trade Week
Z Magazine
An independent, progressive monthly magazine of critical thinking.

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