Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program


Nicholas L. Clesceri, Environmental Engineering
Carl N. McDaniel, Environmental Science
John A. Schumacher, Science and Technology Studies

The Programs in Environmental Studies

From local controversies over waste treatment to international negotiations on global warming, the environment has become one of the most important issues of our time and into the future. To face the challenges of environmental problems, students will need more than the specialized knowledge of a single discipline. Building on the unusual strength and breadth of Rensselaer's synthesis of engineering, science, and the humanities and social sciences, the Environmental Studies Program offers students a unique educational opportunity to devlop a truly multidisciplinary approach to environmental studies.

The Environmental Studies Program includes five environmental majors as well as its own baccalaureate program:

Students can enter Rensselaer by taking any one of the five majors or by taking the environmental studies baccalaureate program, which is especially helpful for students who have not yet made up their minds about a major or who wish to learn more about other environmental disciplines before they concentrate in their major discipline. In the environmental studies baccalaureate program students take a broad range of basic courses in their first two years and then choose one of the five majors. To complement their majors, students may also earn a wide variety of environmental minors and other concentrations. All the majors in the program offer their own environmental minors, and the Schools of Architecture and Management offer environmental courses as well. Students who graduate from the Environmental Studies Program will not be narrow specialists; they will receive the kind of multidisciplinary education that is required to address environmental problems

Departments offering Environmental Minors, Concentrations and/or Courses

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