Think Globally, Act Locally Workshop

August 1-5, 2011 for high school teachers

August 8-12, 2011 for high school students

Summer Research at RPI

June 27-July 1, 2011

More information will follow.

Mid-Year Workshop

December 1, 2010

All of the program's participants- fellows, high school teachers and faculty advisors- will be meeting for our third mid-year workshop. This event is an opportunity for our fellows to share the activities they have developed for their classes and for the teachers to talk about their experience with the program so far. Our mid-year workshops are an ideal venue for an exchange of ideas regarding lab experiments, field trips, research projects, educational game development, publication and introducing energy and the environment to high school students. The RPI faculty who attend participate by offering ideas for curriculum enhancement that include greater use of technology and RPI resources. This workshop should be a valuable experience for everyone.

Summer Research at RPI

June 28-July 2, 2010


High school teachers had the opportunity to see the research that our fellows are doing at RPI. They assisted the fellows in their labs and participated in the research process. Last year, some teachers participated throughout the summer to gain research experience that they brought into their high school classrooms. This year, high school students will participate in graduate level research as well.


Earth science teacher Cindy Sargent created the PowerPoint presentation below:


DAEE Research Week 2010 (ppt)


Creating a Sustainable World Workshop

August 2-13, 2010


This two week workshop included both high school teachers and high school students. All of the presentations are available for your use. The pdfs can be found here. If you would like to use the original PowerPoint presentation, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Energy-Saving Appliances

Alternative Energy Vehicles

Sustainable Transportation

Feeding the World

 Wind Energy and Aerospace Workshop

July 13-24, 2009

Andy, Joe and George

Fifteen local high school science teachers attended a two-week workshop introducing them to the latest in wind energy and aerospace technologies. The purpose of this workshop was to help the teachers augment their current curricula with new information and activities. They attended lectures presented by current and former RPI graduate students, RPI faculty and a representative from GE. Using the information garnered from these lectures, the teachers worked together to build remote control airplanes and wind turbines. The teachers intend to bring what they learned back to their classes of technology, physics and engineering. 

 Ed, Barbara and Matt


















 Pam, Greg, Evan and Denis

 A Successful Flight!