Molecular Bioprocessing Research

The research in the Cramer laboratory involves state of the art experimental and theoretical investigations into novel bioseparations systems. Topics include: prediction of protein binding affinity and multiscale modeling of chromatographic systems, design of chemically selective displacers, development of efficient antibody separation systems, fundamental studies in multimodal chromatography, novel lab on chip separations systems, protein unfolding in chromatographic systems, chemometrics for process analytical technology, multilevel automated peptide synthesis/screening system for design of affinity peptides and biosensors, smart biopolymer affinity precipitation systems, use of high throughput screening for quality by design of large scale bioprocesses, design of novel affinity reagents for purification of therapeutic enzymes, and development of hierarchical nano-bio materials for bioprocessing.

As one example, recent work that combines protein libraries, NMR studies, molecular dynamics simulations and high throughput chromatographic investigations has provided significant insight into the design of a new generation of mixed mode chromatographic systems.


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