This website was created by Scott Ogoreuc and Greg DiLeo as a project for Introduction to Biochemical Engineering, Fall Semester of 2000.

Sterilization = The removal or destruction of an organism that may affect a process or a product.

Destructive Sterilization:
Radiation - The use of high energy radiation to demolish unwanted organisms
Thermal - The controlled addition of heat to destroy thermally sensitive contaminants

Removal Sterilization:
Filtration - The separation of microorganisms from a medium by particle size

Processes Sterilization:
Batch - Sterilizing the entire volume of medium at once using the heating, holding, and cooling method
Continuous - Sterilizing only a fraction of the volume at a time by using the medium as an internal heat exchanger

Sterilization Game - A simulation of sterilization and its results based on a program written by Henry Bungay - Visit the largest online resource for filtration and separations solutions