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CCPD Policies
CCPD Policies
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* CCPD Policies

This information is intended for all matriculated, degree-seeking Rensselaer students, distance students, alumni and employers. NOTE: On-campus recruiting is reserved for matriculated, degree-seeking students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Please read and refer to the CCPD's policies listed below, including our Privacy Policy.


Rensselaer adheres to Principles for Professional Conduct and requires that all students who participate in recruiting activities abide by these standards.

All students and alumni must also review and abide by our Registration Agreement and CCPD Interviewing Policies before proceeding with registration.

Alumni, please read our Alumni On-Campus Recruiting Policy.


We expect the same professionalism from our employers that we expect from our students. All employer representatives are encouraged to review the Principles for Employment Professionals developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Recruiters must treat all student information, including resumes and transcripts, as strictly confidential. All interviewers should be trained to ask only those questions that are legal and appropriate.

In addition, serving alcohol should not be a part of the recruitment process. All activities, including, but not limited to informational meetings and presentations, should be alcohol free. All on-campus interviews should be held in the CCPD's Interview Center in the Darrin Communications Center unless otherwise cleared by the Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Offer Policy (Full-Time and Summer Internships)*

The CCPD is focused on assisting both candidates and employers make their way through the offer process.  To support our efforts, we have implemented the policy noted below regarding offers. We hope that our offer policy will minimize incidents of students pursuing and accepting an employment offer after accepting another offer.   In our experience, students who feel undue pressure to make an employment decision are more likely to renege after accepting.  We believe that adherence to the timeframes outlined below is in the best interest of both employers and students.

FULL-TIME AND SUMMER INTERNSHIP OFFER TIMELINES:  Employers may extend an offer to a candidate at any time.  However, two to four weeks must be given to allow the candidate to make an informed decision about accepting an offer. 

  • Fall Interviews:  Employers conducting interviews in the fall semester are encouraged to give students until the first business day of December to respond to an offer, without undue pressure to respond on an earlier date.  Students interviewing on or after the first business day of December should be given a minimum of two weeks to respond to an offer.
  • Spring Interviews: Employers conducting interviews in the spring semester must give students a minimum of two weeks to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.
  • Offers to Summer Interns:  Employers who give offers for internship or full-time employment to a student who has had a summer internship with the employer must give students until the first business day of November to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.


  1. Once an offer extension deadline is arranged, undue pressure on candidates for an earlier decision is inappropriate.
  2. If hiring bonuses are subject to expiration prior to the expiration of an offer, this information must be made clear to the candidate in the extension of the offer.
  3. For circumstances outside the timeline above, employers must give students at least two weeks to make a decision.

*For co-ops offers, please refer to our Cooperative Education Recruiting Schedule which can be found here.

Questions regarding the Full-Time and Summer Internship Policy can be directed to Matt Cardin, Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development.

Fee for Placement:  The Center for Career & Professional Development does not permit postings on JobLink for any organization that charges fees to our students or alumni for the purpose of securing employment and/or training. 

Third Party Recruiters: Please note that requests for online accounts made by third parties, staffing and/or executive search firms cannot be approved for free postings or access to our Resume Books.   Please go to NACElink to create an employer account.  You can then post jobs to Rensselaer (and other participating universities) for a nominal fee.

Testing: Effective immediately, the Center for Career and Professional Development will no longer administer or proctor tests of any nature (pre-employment, skills assessment, etc.).  We regret any inconvenience.  

New JobLink Account Requests:  The CCPD reserves the right to deny access to any employer who refuses to comply with our requirements for setting up a new account. These requirements include:  a valid full first and last contact name, a valid phone number, a valid employer web address and a valid email address for that employer (not generic).

Unpaid Internships: The CCPD strongly encourages all employers to carefully review the US Department of Labor's Criteria for Unpaid Interns before making an offer of employment.

Work Authorization: The two questions employers may ask applicants are:

1) Are you legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer? 
2) Will you now or in the near future require visa sponsorship?

Rensselaer assumes that a prospective employer will advise all job applicants about the employer's responsibilities regarding any specific job requirements in order for the employer to be in compliance with the various United States national security or export control statutes that might affect the position being posted. Volunteering of this information could be provided at the time of application or when a prospective applicant makes a position-specific inquiry.

In compliance with federal and state law, Rensselaer does not permit the use of work authorization, visa status, or citizenship data on the online job board. This action is in compliance with a Department of Justice determination. More information can be found at the Department of Justice website.


Post-doctoral candidates are employees of Rensselaer and as such, are not eligible to participate in, or register for, services provided by the Center for Career and Professional Development.

CCPD Privacy Policy

Searching for employment is a personal process. The Center for Career and Professional Development has developed policies concerning your personal information and wants you to be aware of steps you can take to protect your privacy.

Links to Other Websites

The CCPD website contains links to external websites. The CCPD makes every effort to confirm that these links are current and relevant. The CCPD does not endorse nor does it assume liability for the privacy practices or policies of external websites. You are encouraged to read and be aware of the privacy practices and policies of any website (s) that you may use, and we suggest that you exercise caution in any circumstance where private information such as your SSN and contact information is requested. After using web browsers, take steps to protect your privacy by signing off when using a shared computer. Also, secure your login ID and password.

Personal Information

As part of the registration process, the CCPD requires that you confirm, at the time you complete your JobLink Profile online, that you will abide by all of the CCPD's policies.

All personal information is held in strictest confidence. The CCPD does not release personal information without your permission, unless required to do so by law. Personal information collected as a result of our registration process is used to preserve and enhance the functioning and integrity of our system. Information requested about your search for employment, such as job offers and salary offers are collected in aggregate to provide us with statistical information for annual reports. Personal information will not be disclosed to advertisers, data-management consultants and/or third party recruiters. The CCPD will send resume drops and resume books to employers. If you participate in a resume drop or elect to have your resume added to a resume book, you agree to allow the CCPD to send your resume to employers upon request. It is your responsibility to make sure that all information and representations made on your resume are accurate and up-to-date.

CCPD Registration Agreement

All students are required to read and verify their understanding of the Registration Agreement at the time you complete your online Profile and activate your JobLink account. By clicking "yes," as a student or alumnus/a, you agree to abide by the Standards for Professional Conduct established by the CCPD during your search for employment. Through your consent, you are giving the CCPD permission to send your resume to employers upon request. You may revoke this agreement at any time, giving us two business days notice (in writing).


Cookies are short pieces of information used by web browsers to remember information provided by the user, such as passwords and preferences from past visits. While accessing the CCPD site we request that cookies be on. Any information provided by you to the CCPD and stored in a cookie is for CCPD’s internal use only. It is used to personalize service, not as a way to track personal data about you. Please refer to the instructions provided by your browser to learn how to turn-on cookies. By default they are on.


To protect your privacy, the CCPD provides the following features and services:

1. The CCPD maintains the hardware that runs its programs and processes. The hardware is located physically in the CCPD at Rensselaer. Access is limited by login. NACElink powers the on-campus interview scheduler and the job posting service. NACElink is maintained by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

2. Login IDs and Passwords are encrypted. You may change and are encouraged to change your password from time to time to protect your privacy.

3. Backup tape storage for all transactions is provided.

4. Security procedures are reviewed continuously with periodic upgrades and improvements made as needed.

5. The CCPD adheres to the Standards for Professional Conduct established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

6. Student records are protected by the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New York State law, and Institute policy.

7. Information on the CCPD website, including personal information, is used in accordance with the Rensselaer Privacy Policy and the Policy for Electronic Citizenship.


Questions and comments may be forwarded to the Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD). The CCPD is located in the Darrin Communications Center, room 209. Our phone number is (518) 276-6234.

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