Making Introductions

If you know two people who haven't met, you can introduce them to each other. If you want to meet someone, you can introduce yourself. Here are some examples of phrases of introduction.

When Introducing Other People (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

  • I'd like you to meet Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./Dr. (last name).

  • I'd like to introduce  (first and last name).

  • (First name), this is (first name).

When Introducing Yourself (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

  • I don't think we've met. May I introduce myself?

  • Hello. My name is (first name and last name).

  • Hi. I'm (first name).

Greeting Responses that Follow an Introduction (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

Greeting Response
How do you do? (It's a) Pleasure meeting you.
I'm (pleased, happy, glad) to meet you. (Pleased, Happy, Glad) to meet you, too.
(It's) (Nice, Good, Great) meeting you. Same here.

Greeting Responses for People You Know (starting with formal  versions and moving to informal versions)

Greeting Response
Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name). Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name).
Hello, (name). How are you? Very well, thank you.
Hi. How are you doing? Fine, thanks. And you?
Hi, (name). What's new? Nothing much.

With friends who really want to know how you are, you can answer questions about how you feel truthfully. Examples: "Not very well," "I'm feeling sick," "I just lost my job."

Approaching or Introducing Yourself to a Professor

Introduce Yourself Clarify Your Interest Clarify His/Her Availability
I'm a first year MBA student, and ... I'd like to talk with you about... Is this a good time to talk?
I'm planning to take your course on... I'm really interested in... Could we talk for a few minutes?
I saw your course listing and ... I'm curious about... Can I stop in later to talk with you for a few minutes?
I read about your work with... I could use some help with... Would you have time to meet with me to talk about that?

Handling Pleasantries

If they say The usual response is Or you could try
Hi. How are you? Fine, thanks, and you? Actually, I'm a little lost, do you have a second?
How ya doing? Okay, How about you? Okay, but I could use some help with a couple crazy English words.
How's it going? Okay, and you?
What's happening? Not much, how about you? Well, I'm trying to figure out...
What's up? Same old same old, and you? Actually, right now I'm trying to...
Hey dude! What's up? No much. What're you up to? I feel clueless! Does this fog ever lift?
Hey, how's it going, great to see ya, gotta run, catch ya later. Hi (and a wave) Bye!