Text Tool


The Text tool places rendered text as a new selection. Prior to clicking on the image, the standard GTK font chooser will be displayed. The font that will be used for rendering can be selected from this dialog.

Text Tool Options

Text Settings


Antialiasing will render the text with much smoother edges and curves. This is achieved by slight blurring and merging of the edges. This option can radically improve the visual appearance of the rendered typeface. Caution should be exercised when using antialiasing on images that are not in RGB color space.


The Border option allows a transparent border to be placed around the rendered text. Normally text is rendered with no space between the text and the layer or selection edge. This option changes that. The number selected here represents the number of pixels to surround the image with.

Use Dynamic Text

This option will display the Dynamic Text Dialog in stead of the standard GTK font selection dialog.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: T