Intelligent Scissors


The Intelligent Scissors can be used to select contiguous areas of similar color weight in a fashion similar to the Fuzzy Selection Tool . The primary difference is that the scissor tool creates the selection area one line at a time. Clicking with Button1 will create nodes that are intelligently joined using lines that attempt to follow color weights. Once the area is closed, clicking inside the new area will render the selection area. It is at this time that the key modifications can be used to change the selection method.

See Also: Paths Dialog Help for additional help with path style area creation.

Intelligent Scissors Options

Intelligent Scissor Settings


The Feather slider sets the amount of feathering to create around the rendered selection area. Feathering softens the edge of the selection by the specified number of pixels. See also: Feather Selection.


The Antialiasing button toggles the rendering of aliased edges on the selection boundary. Aliasing produces smoother curves and angles and is recommended for most uses.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: I

Key modifiers:

  • Ctrl is used to subtract from existing selections.

  • Shift is used to add to existing selections.

  • Ctrl-Shift is used to produce selection intersections. This is also known as union selections.