The Ink tool paints solid brush strokes with an anti-aliased edge. The size, shape and angle of the brush can be set to determine how the strokes will be rendered.

Ink Tool Options

Ink Settings


The Size slider sets the maximum size of the brush strokes.

The Angle slider sets the degree to which the brush shape is rotated from the direction of the stroke tilt. Positive values correspond to clockwise rotations. This has no effect for input devices without tilt sensitivity.


The Size and Tilt settings do not affect input devices that do not support sensitivity controls.

  • The Size slider sets how sensitive the brush size is to the pressure of a stroke.

  • The Tilt slider sets how sensitive the brush shape is to the tilt of a stroke.

  • The Speed slider sets how sensitive the brush size is to the speed of a stroke. Faster strokes will result in a narrower line.


The brush type can be set to a Circle, Square, or Diamond.


The shape of the brush can be changed by dragging the central button. The shape produced is equivalent to a brush that tilts from the middle toward the button.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: K