Fuzzy Selection


The Fuzzy Selection tool is used to select contiguous regions of similar color weight.

Fuzzy Selection Tool Options

Fuzzy Selection Settings


The Feather slider sets the amount of feathering to create around the rendered selection area. Feathering softens the edge of the selection by the specified number of pixels. See also: Feather Selection.


The Antialiasing button toggles the rendering of aliased edges on the selection boundary. Aliasing produces smoother curves and angles and is recommended for most uses.

See: Anti-aliasing glossary entry

Sample Merged

Sample merging takes the information needed for the operation from the sub-pixel layer of the image.

See: Sample merge glossary entry


This slider changes the threshold of the selection area. A higher setting will cause more areas to selected. A lower one will decrease the final selection area. This setting can be adjusted dynamically by holding Button1 while making the selection. Moving the pointer up will dynamically decrease the Threshold slider and moving the pointer down will increase the Threshold slider.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: B

Key modifiers:

  • Ctrl is used to subtract from existing selections.

  • Alt is used to move an existing selection.

  • Shift is used to add to existing selections.

  • Shift-Ctrl is used to produce selection intersections. This is also known as a union selection.


When moving selections beyond the boundaries of the image, the selection area will be cropped to the image area. Selections cannot exist outside image areas. Selection movements and changes are kept in the undo history just in case.