The Eraser is used to remove blocks of color from the current layer, selection, or image. If the Eraser is used on on the Background layer, the eraser will remove color areas and replace them with the current background color. If used on a normal floating layer, the color will be replaced with transparency. The same rules apply to non-alpha images.

Eraser Tool Options

Eraser Settings


The Incremental checkbox actiavtes incremental paint mode for the tool. More information about incremental mode can be found in the glossary

Pressure Sensitivity

The Pressure Sensitivity section sets the sensitivity levels for input devices that support this option.

Hard Edge

By default the Eraser tool softens the edges of and area erased. The Hard Edge toggle changes this behavior. Any area erased while this option is active will be erased with no softening of the edge of the brush used.

Anti Erase

The Anti Erase function of the Erase tool can un-erase areas of an image. This feature only works when used on images with an alpha channel.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: Shift-E

Key modifiers:

  • Ctrl toggles between Anti Erase and normal erase modes.

  • Alt is used to create straight lines.

  • Alt-Ctrl is used to create straight lines that are constrained to 15 degree absolute angles.