The Crop tool is used to crop or resize the image or the current layer.

Crop Tool Options

Crop Settings

Current Layer only

This option forces the Crop and Resize tool to affect the currently selected layer only. Any cropping or resizing will only affect the current layer.

Allow Enlarging

If this toggle is set, any operation that extends beyond the image boundary will increase the size of the canvas appropriately.

Tool Toggle

This option will toggle between Crop and Resize. Crop will do exactly that. It will crop the image to the selected area. Resize will crop the canvas, but leave the original layer sizes as they were. This toggle can be switched dynamically by holding the Ctrl key.

Crop and Resize Information

This dialog becomes available when the cropping region is mapped by clicking and dragging an area of the image.

Origin, Width, and Height

These settings show the origin in X and Y style coordinates of the cropping selection area, and the Width and Height of the cropping area. They can be manually changed to provide precise control over the cropping area.

From Selection

The From Selection button automatically resizes the crop selection to encapsulate the current selection area. It will do so in a rectangular fashion. Any pre-existing selection area is suitable.

Auto Shrink

This button when pressed will try to automatically shrink the cropping area to a heavily color weighted area in the image that is enclosed by the cropping selection region.

Additional Information

Default Keyboard Shortcut: Shift-C

Key modifiers:

  • Ctrl switches the tool toggle between Crop and Resize.

    Alt toggles the use of Allow Enlarging as described above.