Terral Text


The Terral Text filter renders bump mapped text to the current layer using either solid noise or the current layer for coloring. It then creates a mask to hide the surrounding area in black, leaving the text string as the only immediately visible artifact.

Terral Text Options

Terral Text Settings

Solid noise

Choosing Solid noise will render the text using soft solid noise shapes. Choosing current picture, on the other hand, will render the bumpmap onto the current layer.

Font name

The Font name button selects the font that will be rendered by the filter. Choosing an appropriate font size is important. Too small, and the text string may be unreadable, too large, and the string may take hours to render.


The Text input box is where the text string that will be rendered can be input.

Blur amount

Blur amount is a slider setting for the amount of blur to use prior to bump mapping the text. A high setting here usually leads to more rounded text, but it is best to test various settings based on the result required, the font, and the font size.