Solid Noise


The Solid Noise filter renders a greyscale noise layer. This layer has many useful settings, that can be adjusted to suit varied applications.

Solid Noise Settings

Solid Noise Settings

Random Seed

The Random Seed input allows control over the random base number that is used for the render. Time should be used for the most effective random setting.


Detail sets the level of aggressiveness for the noise that will be rendered. A higher setting here will produce a more detailed render, a lower setting will produce a much softer one.

X/Y Size

The X/Y Size sliders affect the size of the "blobs" in the final render. Higher settings will cause the "blobs" to become smaller, where as a lower setting will yield softer results.


The Turbulent checkbox acts in a similar fashion to the Detail setting. Checking this box will create a noise pattern with an increased chaotic nature. The Tileable checkbox forces the render to maintain a symmetric noise pattern, which allows the final rendering to be tiled.


Like many of the Render filters, the Solid Noise filter destroys the current layer.