Sample Colorize


The Sample Colorize filter is another intelligent colorization tool available in The GIMP. By working on the active image, and colorizing it using the color map of another image, interesting colorization can result.

This filter allows images to be colorized using the color maps of other images, or the currently selected gradient.

Sample Colorize Options

Sample Colorize Settings


The Destination settings affect the active, or working image. The Destination dropdown includes any open images that can be used as a destination image for the color transformation. All of the color replacements can be affected by the In Level slider.


The Sample settings affect the method by which the sample colors are chosen. The sample colors can be derived from either an image or a gradient, which is accessible from the Sample dropdown. The color slider underneath the image window changes the color spectrum that will be applied to the Destination image. If an image is the desired Sample, the Get Sample Colors button will retrieve the selection of colors that will be used.