Randomize (Hurl, Pick, Slur)


These three filters (Hurl, Pick, and Slur) are based upon a similar algorithm.

Hurl will create noise using RGB colors.

Pick creates noise based on neighboring pixels.

Slur generates a crude melting effect.

Randomize Options

As each of the three modes for this plugin share the same interface, only one description will be provided for this filter.

Randomize Settings

Parameter Settings

There are three available settings for this filter.

  • Random Seed: The user may choose to utilize the system time as a seed for the randomization routine. Time is the safest option to choose for a more random effect. If a number is selected, the same random seed may be used across many executions of Randomization to produce similar results.

  • Randomization (%): This setting dictates the percentage of pixels that will be considered for randomization. Higher values here should result in more intense noise.

  • Repeat: This option sets the number of times that the filter will be run. This option is of particular interest to those users running Slur.