The Plasma Renderer plugin is a natural cloud generator. The results of a plasma render, can be both pleasing, and useful for all digital artists. The cloud is rendered using two configurable settings.

Plasma Cloud Options

Plasma Cloud Settings

Random Seed

Random Seed gives control over the apparent randomness of the cloud. If the Time button is clicked, the random seed is generated using the system time as the base for the randomization algorithm. This method yields particularly good results, and is the preferred way of generating random clouds. The Number Entry box can be utilized to reapply a particular random seed to the cloud.


Turbulence allows control over the aggressiveness of the cloud. A lower setting renders a softer, more pastel like cloud, where as a higher Turbulence setting ensures a more detailed, and aggressive cloud structure.


Clicking OK, will render the cloud destructively into the current layer. This will erase the layer data.


The cloud is computed as a square, thus rendering a plasma cloud onto a non-square layer will stretch the cloud.