The Jigsaw filter renders a simple jigsaw pattern to the current layer.

Jigsaw Options

Jigsaw Settings

Number of Tiles

The Number of Tiles settings control both the number of Horizontal tiles, and the number of Vertical tiles.

Bevel Edges

The Bevel Edges settings allow control over the rendering of the edges of the tiles.

  • Bevel Width: This slider sets the width of the shading on each tile.

  • Highlight: This slider controls the lighting aggressiveness. A higher Highlight setting, will produce tiles with more light.

Jigsaw Style

Jigsaw Style sets the type of jigsaw cuts that will be rendered.

  • Square: This sets the cuts to the traditional squared type of jigsaw puzzle cuts.

  • Curved: This sets the cuts to be made in the more contemporary rounded cut.

Disable Tooltips

There are floating tooltips over all sliders in this plug-in. The display of these tooltips can be turned on or off with this checkbox.