Glowing Steel

Add Glow


The Add Glow filter renders a glow that surrounds the active layer.

Add Glow Options

Add Glow Settings

Glow Color

Glow color sets the color of the glow that will surround the layer. Clicking FG will fetch the current foreground color and clicking BG will fetch the current background color. Clicking the color will open a color selection dialog, also known as a color chooser.

Glow radius

Glow radius sets the radius in pixels that the glow should extend out from the active layer.

Brushed Metal


The Brushed Metal filter renders a brushed metal surface with user controllable color, angle, and length.

Brushed Metal Options

Brushed Metal Settings

Stroke Length

Stroke Length defines the length in pixels that will be used for the lines of the metal.


Angle sets the angle in degrees of the strokes on the surface. An angle of zero will result in horizontal lines.

Use Gradient / Gradient

Use gradient provides a checkbox that will activate the use of a gradient for coloring. If this checkbox is not active, the filter will use the default grey coloring. If the checkbox is active, the user may select a gradient from the Gradient dropdown list.

Highlight Edges


The Highlight Edges filter will produce a new layer from an old one that replicates a thin shadow and highlight line.