The GIMP is capable of loading and saving images which have been bzip2 compressed. In order to save a bzipped file, either Save By Extension or the bz2 extension can be used. The file must be named in a similar format to: filename.extension.bz2 where extension is the extension of a supported file format.

Example 13-1. Saving a bzipped TIFF

If the file is named foo, the filename could be entered as either foo.tif.bz2 or foo.tiff.bz2.

BZ2 : Further Information

For this plug-in to work, the Bzip2 application is required. To check if this application is present, type bzip2 --version in a terminal window. If there is output similar to: bzip: command not found then Bzip2is not installed and this plug-in cannot be used..


Bzip2 is available from Cygnus Sourceware .