The Burst filter renders a series of lines in a radial fashion using the currently selected brush. The lines start in the center of the image and radiate outward in a user-defined manner. The color of the spokes is set using the foreground color in theToolbox.

Burst Options

Burst Settings


The Shape section allows control over the final overall shape of the render.

  • A setting of Rectangle will terminate the spokes so that an overall rectangular shape is achieved by the spokes.

  • The Ellipse setting renders the spokes so that the ends form a circular shape.

Fade direction

Fade dirdescribes the direction from which the spokes will fade. The actual fading is set in the Brush Options.

  • In renders the spokes from the outside inwards.

  • Out renders the spokes from the inside outwards.


The Spokes setting changes the number of spokes that will be used in the render.

Inside Pixels

The Inside Pixels setting controls the distance from the center of the image from which the spokes will begin rendering.

Outside Pixels

The Outside Pixels setting controls how far the spokes will radiate.

Start angle

Start Angle controls the angle at which the first spoke will be rendered.

Arc angle

Arc Angle sets the overall maximum number of degrees that the spokes will traverse. A setting of 180 here would render the spokes along half of the total degrees available in a circle.