Alien Map


The Alien Map filter is a color mapping filter that works by applying mathematical algorithms to the existing color values in the active image. The mathematical color adjustments are made using a combination of Sine, Cosine, and None in varying amplitudes..

Alien Map Options

Alien Map Settings

Red / Green / Blue Channels

The Red, Green, and Blue channel labels display and allow selection of the mathematical transform that will be used on that color channel.

  • Sine: The pixel color for that channel will be adjusted using Sine calculation.

  • Cosine: The pixel color for that channel will be modified using Cosine calculation.

  • None: No adjustment will be made to this color channel.

Red / Green / Blue Sliders

The three sliders represent the amount of color that will be used in the chosen calculations for each channel. The maximum value will use all available color information for that channel.

See also

Further information can be found in the glossary regarding: Channels .