The Brush Editor Dialog


The Brush Editor allows the creation of new brushes and the modification of exisiting ones. Only those brushes which have been previously created with the Brush Editor can be edited.

Brush Editor Options

When creating a new brush, the filename displayed at the top of the window will show the default name for the brush. This can be changed to any arbitrary description for the new brush. If the brush name already exists, The GIMP will postfix a hash and a number in order to produce a unique filename.


New brushes created with the Brush Editor are always spherical.

Located below the filename is a preview window that shows a dynamic preview of the newly created brush. Any modification made to the settings will be visible here.

Brush Editor Settings


The Radius slider sets the radius for the brush in pixels. If the brush size expands beyond the capability of the preview window to display it, the ratio displayed under the preview window will adjust accordingly.


The Hardness slider alters the edge properties of the brush. A higher setting will result in a brush with a harder edge.


The Angle slider adjusts the rotation angle of the brush.

Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio slider affects the aspect of the brush. An increase in value here will result in a flatter brush.