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Project Overview

The Jefferson Project at Lake George -- a partnership between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM, and The Fund for Lake George – is creating a revolutionary new model in environmental monitoring and, ultimately, remediation. The project is combining smart technology and scientific experimentation to turn Lake George into the world’s “smartest lake.”

  • A network of sensors is being installed in and around the lake and its tributaries to measure many physical, chemical, and biological parameters including the movement of water and the presence and amount of organic markers and contaminants.  These data are managed by a distributed set of computers connected by various network technologies.
  • IBM and RPI researchers are using the data that is collected to build and inform a series of computer models built on advanced techniques in data analytics, data science, and data visualization.
  • Coupled with 35 years of environmental data collected by Rensselaer researchers, and ongoing scientific experiments, these new technologies with will give us an unprecedented scientific understanding of Lake George.
  • The predictive capabilities developed by IBM and Rensselaer scientists will provide the FUND for Lake George with valuable information to independently advocate for the environmental health of Lake George, with the hopes of allowing the Lake George community to act before permanent degradation can take place.
  • The Jefferson Project hopes to serve as a model that can be emulated around the world, helping to redefine how we monitor lakes, understand the impacts of human activities, and provide insight for their protection.

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